Renting my horsetruck is cheaper than your own temperamental truck!

Renting transport for your horses? Renting a horsetruck with is easy and quick.You can rent a horsetruck with only a B-driving license. The 2 horse carriage is very user friendly for every occasion. You can rent for longer periods or for just one day. Our horsetransportation is standard and equipped for 2 horses. The horses are more spacious, safer and calmer in comparison to a horse trailer. always rents out high-quality horsetrucks. Do you want to rent a horsetruck? Please call for all possibilities for renting a horsetruck: 0031(0)6-13840220

The horsetruck is equipped with:

  • There are 3 seats in the front
  • A camera to watch the horses in the back or to use as a reversing camera
  • Airconditioning
  • Towbar
  • Tack room with saddle racks, hooks, bridlehooks and a mirror
  • Extra closet space
  • Space for 2 horses with
  • Ventilation and lighting
  • Side door
  • Navigation


  • Motor vehicle tax
  • Insurance (see own risk below)
  • first 100 kilometre per day are free, extra kilometres will be charged on return of the car at EUR 0,25 per kilometre(incl. VAT)


  • Fuel (diesel)
  • Deposit EUR 400,00 (to be paid in advance by bank)
  • Fines (will be calculated retrospectively)

Make your reservation:

  • Pick-up and return times are agreed in consultation, pick-up at the end of day or return at the beginning of the day will be looked at in all reasonableness en most of the times no extra day will be charged.
  • Pick up is possible at: Moleneindsestraat 34a, 4741 RJ, Hoeven
  • Deposit EUR 400,00 and rent have to be paid in advance by bank
  • Bring your driver’s license


  • Fill up the tank, attention: DIESEL
  • The truck has to be cleaned before return (including the interior); the horse space has to be cleaned out with water. If the truck is not clean on return EUR 100,00 will be charged.
  • After checking the carthe deposit will be returned, minus extra kilometres, provided that the car is clean, without damage en filled up.

Insurance and own-risk:

The car is insured but with an own-risk that will be passed on to the renter when there are damages.:

  • When the car is damaged a maximum of EUR 1000,00 own-risk will be charged.
  • When there are damages to a third party EUR 1000,00 own-risk will be charged (Attention: When there are damages to the truck and to a third party both own-risks will be charged.)
  • Damages to livestock which are transported in the car are not insured within this policy. can not be held liable for such damages.
  • Damages to or theft of your goods which are transported in the car are not insured within this policy. can not be held liable for such damages or lose.

Why spent a lot of money on buying a truck when you can rent one for little money….! You only need it once or twice a month!

Maurice van Vliet, director.

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2 horse carriage

1 day

115incl. VAT

  • € 95,04 excl. VAT
    (100km free)

2 days

200incl. VAT

  • € 165,29 excl. VAT
    (200km free)

3 days

285incl. VAT

  • € 235,54 excl. VAT
    (300km free)

4 days

360incl. VAT

  • € 297,52 excl. VAT
    (400km free)

5 days

435incl. VAT

  • € 359,50 excl. VAT
    (500km free)

6 dag

505incl. VAT

  • € 417,36 excl. VAT
    (600km free)

7 days

575incl. VAT

  • € 475,21 excl. VAT
    (700km free)


It is also possible to rent per month or 6 months.

  • Ask for the special rates

Every next day after 7 days will be charged at EUR 70,00 per day.

Other sites only tell you the amount excluded of VAT. Compare the correct prices!

The rental service is for everybody who wants to remain flexible

Maurice van Vliet, director.

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2 horse carriage

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